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17th December is the anniversary of the Southern Azerbaijanis genocide carried out by the iranian(persian) regime

OğuzTV:Southern Azerbaijanis commemorate the 12 December as the National Statehood Day since the Azerbaijan People Republic was established on 12 December (21 Azer) of 1945, under the leadership of the Azerbaijan Democratic Party and its charismatic leader Mr. Jafar Pishevari who also served as the first president of the Republic …

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Iran’s security forces and police arrest and beat the South Azerbaijani activists in the Babak Castle! An elven year old kid is among the arrests!

OghuzTV:On Friday June 30, 2017 hundreds of South Azerbaijani civil activists hold the anniversary in the Babak Castle in the memory of the Azerbaijani hero, Babak Khorramdin. This ceremony is held by the activists every year under the harsh control of the security forces of Iran. The South Azerbaijani activists …

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