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Anti-racist demonstrations spread to other cities of South Azerbaijan

Oğuz TV: “Anti-persian racist” demonstrations of South Azerbaijani people in reaction to the hateful and racist policies of so-called Iranian government continues after publishing of a humiliating and racist story published in “Tarhe No” newspaper.

Following the peaceful demonstrations that took place in Capital city Tabriz and Urmia on 25th and 26th of July 2016, Azerbaijani Turks in other cities such as Tehran, Zancan, Ardabil and Khoy took over the streets and chanted saying no to racism and other slogans in regards to human rights such as the right to have education in mother tongue and right to have self-determination.

Following the peaceful protests, Iranian regime forces attempted to violently suppress demonstrations and arrested hundreds of people in various cities leaving many injured.

List of people who have been arrested today:

Salman Aragi – Khoy

Mohammad Colani – Ardabil

Ahmad Mohammadzadeh- Ardabil

Huseyin Balakhani-Ardabil

Vahid Saidifar – Ardabil

Ali Ebrahimi Miyanali – Tehran

Maryam Fathilu – Tabriz

Nayer Fathilu – Tabriz

Murtaza Ashrafi – Maraga

Mehdi Hacizade – Urmu

Abulfazl Imani and his son – Zancan

Ali Cabbari – Tabriz

Ruzbeh Piri – Tabriz

Ali Hidayati – Tabriz

Huseyn Bostanchi – Tabriz

Vahid Safari – Tabriz

Said Varmazyar – Tabriz

Huseyn Kazimluyi – Khoy

Hamid Adibi Shafigh – Ardabil

Ali Khalil Zadeh – Ardabil

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