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Asma Jahangir, the human rights lawyer and the United Nations’ Special Rapporteur for human rights in Iran(Video+Voi)

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_ Well, thank you very much!

South Azerbaijani reporter Sardar Asadi

I have some questions based on the human rights in Iran and focusing South Azerbaijani case.

1. Iran’s government before has come out with three preconditions on the United Nations’ Special Rappoteur for human rights in Iran to cooperate with. One of them is not to be a woman. This time you have come over this taboo. Does it make your work hard and more challenging facing with Iranian authorities to be and work as a woman?

_ But I am not aware of these preconditions that Iranian goverment may have made or not have made. This is the first time that I’ve heard of it. And in my view these are not preconditions that any conuntry that can make to the United Nations.

2. Situation for the Azerbaijanis, Azerbaijani Turks and other non-Persian nations has come over the critical status, when we look at the imprisonments, datainees and courts. How do you evaluate the situation according to the reports that you get from the human right activists and statistics?

_ Let we put in that way that the reports that I do get is first of all that there is denial that there is ethnic diversity and there is relegious diversity in Iran. There is restrictions and deep restrictions on political thought and activity in Iran now wether it is more on ethnic minorities or other people. It is difficult for me to judge. But certainly when it come to non-muslims, in the form of Bahaist we have noticed that there is the descrimination very much prevelent. And the oppresion that I have to say is for anyone who will not agree with the official line, who has mind of their own, who has disagreements on the manner in which the goverment disrespect the right of people and citizens living in Iran.

3. Your visit from the country cannot be offorded, to Iran, it never happens about Dr. Shaheed before. What can be the season you think?

_ But I think that Iranian goverment has decided that they don’t accept the mandate that they think it is unfair to have this mandate and therefore they will not allow the mandate to home and visit the country. It is their decision, but I do sincerly thinking hope that they do allow access because it gives us better vision and better feel of the situation. And openness is one way of improving, openness is one way of dialogue and openness is one way of coinfidence to people living in Iran. If indeed the goverment feels that many of the things that are being written about or have been communicated in large numbers are certainly not correct. Now I think that you can keeo things are not correct but I mean because of the verified sources the only way to dispel it would be allow the special rappoteur to go and visit Iranian situ.

4. So at the end, do you have any message to human rights activists and the people who are arrested and at the moment they are in the prison for their activities?

_ Well the only message that I have it’s not the only message, this is a message for all of us, it’s that finally proved us prevail and I know the suffering of people who even have to spend one day in jails. I have myself spent time in prison so I am fully aware of it. But I think there cannot be and must not be any consession and repression. Because if we are living in dignity, we must be able to challenge rulles that suppress and oppress human mind and human dignity.

So thank you so much and on behalf of all South Azerbaijani Turks I apprecite your work.

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