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Ayat Mehrali Beigloo’s Family under the Pressure of Security Authorities

OğuzTV:Breathing in Confinement – The Security Council of Jolfa city prevents Ayat Mehrali Beigloo’s family from their jobs, by putting pressure on them.

According to the report of “Breathing in Confinement”, in the past few months the Security Council of Jolfa city has been preventing Mehrali Beigloo’s family from renewing their business license, citing a new legislation.

The brother of this political prisoner in Tabriz Central Prison, in interview in this regard with Breathing in Confinement’s reporter said: “Our family work in Aras Free Zone in a nomadic camp. We have showcase and sell rugs, food and other traditional items to the visitors in the camp to earn money, but the Security Council of Jolfa city has called for the closure of the camp by putting pressure on us, since before Nowruz.”

Mr Mehrali Beigloo emphasized that: “While the camp is licensed by the free zone and after the necessary inquiries, the Security Council has called for a new inquiry and then announced that this area is on the border and the camp must be closed.”

He continued: “When it was clarified that the camp is not on the border, they explicitly said that ‘your brother is a security prisoner, so you do not have the right to be in this place.’”

In addition he clarified that: “Even if my brother is guilty, do not we have the right to live? They have already sent the security forces, patrol, border regiment troops and different forces to evict us, but we have resisted and have announced that we will complain to the Court of Administrative Justice as investments of several families are in this camp, and they live from the income of this business.”

Regarding his imprisoned brother’s latest situation, Mr. Mehrali Beigloo said that the Council of Tabriz Central Prison had agreed with his parole, but the Ministry of Intelligence prevented him from having his “definite right”, by “sabotage”.

Ayat Mehrali Beigloo, who is imprisoned in ward 15 of Tabriz Central Prison, was sentenced to 9 years imprisonment, by Judge Bagherpour, head of the Tabriz Revolutionary Court on charges of forming an illegal group to disrupt the national security and propaganda against the regime.

In a letter that has been provided to “Breathing in Confinement” he has written to Hassan Rohani and has called to consider the sabotage in his family’s everyday life and stated that ultimately he is responsible for these kind of problems.


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