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دادگاه تجدیدنظر حبیب ساسانیان به تاریخ ۵اسفند ۹۶موکول شد


OğuzTV:The leader of “South Azerbaijan National Army” has been transferred to Intelligence and Security Centre of Ardebil City for further interrogations. In a short phone conversion with his family, Yakamoz asked his family and kids to forgive him as he may not see them ever again.
This has caused Azerbaijani activities to fear that Yakamuz is under unbearable torture. It is believed that Yakamoz and his friends are subjected to barbaric tortures to “confess” as if they were linked to foreign countries such as Azerbaijan, Turkiye or Israel.

Habib Sasanian of Ardebil S. Azerbaijan also known as Yakamoz was arrested along with other five Azerbaijani activities 3 months earlier and charged with “espionage and establishment of armed organization to overthrow the Islamic regime.” He and his party mates were being held in Tabriz Intelligence and Security Center for interrogation and after more than 2 months of torture they were transferred to Tabriz Prison awaiting their trial.

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