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Iran will support families of Palestinian attackers

Oguz TV: Iran has announced that it will be paying every family of a Palestinian attacker that has been involved in the current wave of violence. If the attacker was killed the family will receive $7,000 from Iran, with a $30,000 payout if their house was demolished by the Israeli authorities.

According to information obtained by Oguz TV, The announcement was made by the Iranian ambassador in Lebanon, Mohammed Fatah Ali.

Iran is designated a state sponsor of terrorism by the US State Department and uses its support for terrorist organizations to conduct proxy wars, such as its financing and arming of Hezbollah in Syria.

Iranian terrorist regime decides to take this action while millions of Azerbaijani Turks in the country so-called Iran are suffering from extreme poverty. According to state statistics in the country so-called Iran more than 35%  of Azerbaijani Turks living under poverty line. On the earthquake of 2012 in Varzegan Iranian officials had refrained from helping their own citizen solely for the reason that they are Turks, nonetheless nothing withstands Iranian regime from supporting terrorism.

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