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İranian invaders get fearful as S. Azerbaijan stands up against Persian racism

Despite Iran’s National TV Channel 2’s official apology and termination of the racist program “Fetileh” and the director of broadcasting in national TV, people of South Azerbaijan have gone to the streets of almost all major cities of S. Azerbaijan such as Tabriz, Urumiyeh, Ardebil, Zengan, Marandç Maragehç Sulduz(Naghadeh) and even the capital Tehran in another attempt to put a stop the most disgusting type of racism openly demonstrated against 40 million Turkic citizens of Iran on central TV channels and official media outlets.
Urmiyeh-Urmu, S. Azerbaijan’s cultural capital city, was the very first city to ignite the anti-racism demonstrations immediately followed by people of Tabriz, Zengan, Sulduz, Ardebil and even the capital Tehran.clashes in S. Azerbaijan
Demonstrators raised signs and banner which have called for equality among the ethnic communities and demand education and national TV programs in their mother language-Azerbaijani Turkic.
They also demanded immediate cessation of Persian racism, an apology by the head of National Broadcasting Council and minister of culture.

It is reported that there were some violent clashes between Persian security forces and the Turkic protesters in Tehran, Tabriz, Marand, Marageh, Sulduz and some other regions. The security forces used tear gas, plastic bullets and water cannons to suppress the protesters in many cities. Many of protesters are reported to have been injured and taken to emergency care centers and hundreds have been arrested.

Iran' flag burned by Azeri Turks

Iranian invaders  National TV channel ( shebekey e 2) aired “Fetileh Hotel ” a program supposedly intended to train minors. During the final show the actors made mockery of ethnic Turks in Iran as they insinuated that Turks are idiots and uneducated as they are not even able to make a distinction between a tooth brush and a toilet brush!

The show aired on On November 6th 2015 by Iran’s state TV depicted an Azerbaijani father along with his son who stayed in the Fetileh Hotel. The father comes to the hotel’s reception and complains about an unbearable odor in the room. The “manager of the hotel” later on, “finds out” the unbearable odor was coming from the kid’s mouth because the boy had “mixed up the toilet brush with the tooth brush” and “brushed his teeth with the toilet brush.”
The boy’s lines in Turkic also included such a disgustingly shameful statement as ” Dad, I think they fed us with “sewage” last night!”

Despite the fact that Azerbaijani Turkic the language of over 40 million Turks in Iran, is strictly banned from schools and national TV channels, the entire conversation exchanged between “the Azerbaijani father and son” in this episode was in Turkic, overtly ill-intended to insinuate and propagate that the ethnic Turks are ignorant and illiterate.


Images of protests in Urmu,Tabriz, Zengan, Sulduz, Ardebil and even the capital Tehran

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