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Iran’s Auditor General: “S. Azerbaijani Oncologist Assassinated “

OğuzTV:Nasser Seraj, Iran’s Auditor General told media that “the facts related to murder investigation of the Ardabil oncologist Dr. Pirzadeh can not be disclosed as it is a matter of National Security. He said if he were to disclose anything and ” many top officials would not be remaining in the country”.

According to “Mehr” News Agency, Nasser Seraj who is probing the “epidemic” cancer related fatalities in the regions of Mamasani and Ardabil of South Azerbaijan added: “We have ample evidence, but due to national security concerns I can not disclose anything as of yet.”

The Azerbaijani oncologist, Asgar Pirzadeh was stabbed to death as he was conducting a clinical study over deadly spread of cancer in Ardebil, South Azerbaijan. Pirzade was of the view that the main waters of the region has been contaminated due to the illegal nuclear activities of Iranian regime and irresponsible burial of nuclear waste in and around the Savalan mountains.
He even visited National Nuclear Agency a week before his murder and demanded that Iran should cease all irresponsible activities in S. Azerbaijan.The Auditor General’s statement indirectly establishes that Dr. Pizadeh was a victim of state assassination.

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