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In the name of Azerbaijan and the name of freedom

OğuzTV:Illegal process of arrest and trial and now also illegal to prevent the release of Mr. Abbas lisani, the leading national activist azerbycan, Azerbaijani public and elite of the freeland and the public is upset. This illegal process and strange things that even the existing judicial system is contrary to its laws, Expressing the important that when Topic is azerbaycan, all the injustice and inhumanity are considered commonplace. It is regrettable that the judicial system ,Rather than deal with the Kurdish terrorists groups or fighting economic corruption , With all the efforts are busy to Oppression and injustice against national activists whose working for national human rights and the great nation of Azerbaijan. asking to get national rights and civil liberties and opposition to racism and chauvinism pars (Persian), is a crime in this country? If so, then all of the 40 million Turks is guilty .

We Azerbaijan national activists, condemn the act and illegal process and demanded the unconditional release of Mr. Abbas Lisani, who have completed their sentences, and we condemn any sabotage on his release.

And we declare that ,freedom is natural right and legal of every human being which can not be restricted in any way

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