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Siyamak Mirzayi Sentenced: 10 Years Prison, 2 Years Exile

OğuzTV:The South Azerbaijani human rights advocate Seyamak Mirzayi was sentenced to a harsh punishment of 10 years in prison and 2 years exile to Tabas region, located in South Khorasan, by the Islamic Revolutionary Tribunal of Baharistan- Tehran.
In a 6 page disposition the revolutionary Tribunal made references to Mr. Morzayi’s comments and activities in the social media such as his facebook posts and concluded that all these activities were part of his PanTurkism activities. Mirzayi is to serve his prison term in Tehran prior to his exile to Tabas.

Mirzayi was arrested on June 11 2016 in the town of Parsabad of Mugan by Ettelaat agents and transferred to Tabriz and later on to Tehran holding centre of Ettelaat. He was subject to harsh treatment and torture while being held in the notorious spy agency’s solitary confinement.
He is currently being held in Evin Prison of Tehran. His lawyer, Jafar Afshania has announced that the sentence is too harsh and his client is planing to appeal to the higher court. 

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