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South Azerbaijan has been occupied by iranian

Azerbaijan historical land: Azerbaijan land was divided to North and South parts because of fighting between Soviet union and Gajar imperial:North Azerbaijan and South Azerbaijan


Lbx (117)The Treaty of Turkmenchay (Russian: Туркманчайский договор, Persian: عهدنامه ترکمنچای‎) was a treaty negotiated in Turkmenchay by which the Qajar Empire recognized Russian suzerainty over the Erivan khanate, the Nakhchivan khanate, and the remainder of the Talysh khanate, establishing the Aras River as the common boundary between the empires, after its defeat in 1828 at the end of the Russo-Persian War, 1826-1828.  


1-Independent North Azerbaijan:which is administrated by it’s democratic government.

2-South Azerbaijan:which is occupied yet by iranian invader regime.

North Azerbaijan:Occupier Soviet union government fragmentated Azerbaijan land to disconnect Turkey and not only forgave a great deal of these land to Armenia but also disconnect Nahchivan from mother land in order to complete his project.North Azerbaijan was disconnected with Turkey when Zangazoor forgiven to Armenia by soviet union.Also a great deal of land is under occupation of Russian and Georgian governments.Armenian invader regime occupied 20% of North Azerbaijan land(Qarabagh)by helping of Russian army which is continued yet,after second independence of North Azerbaijan. 


South Azerbaijan  land of turks

Azerbaijan is a historical motherland of Turks. From the time immemorial and from the time of the great Sumerian empire,
Turks were the inhabitant of Azerbaijan. Throughout the known human history Turkish had been and is the official language of the region. In the last 80 years and after the collapse of Turkish Qajar empire, Persian chauvinists brought to power Reza shah by the means of military coup d’état and forced Persification of Azerbaijan.

With the popular uprising of South Azerbaijani people and creation of independent and democratic government in 1945, occupying Persian forces were pushed out of South Azerbaijani territories. One year after the establishment of South Azerbaijani democratic government, Persian army with the blessing of Russia and western powers occupied South Azerbaijani territories killing tens of thousand of people. Since 1946 South Azerbaijan is under Persian occupation. Systematic and mass assimilation of Turks to Persian language and culture were implemented. After the so called revolution of 1979 and coming to power of terrorist regime of Persian Iran, assimilation policies were followed and intensified. Turkish Students were taught a foreign language of Persian in the schools. The very existence of Turks in the so called country of Iran was denied.

As everything run by the Persian government, all schools, offices, hospitals, courts, TV and media, and every official and unofficial business were forcibly done in foreign language of Persian. South Azerbaijani economy is plundered by the Iranian terrorist regime, literally taking away all underground and above ground riches and leaving a desperate and poor situation for people, pushing the working forces out of South Azerbaijan to look for pity jobs in Persian areas.

Oğuz tv South Azerbaijan 115

İran swamp plateau 

Land:Although iran plateau is the turkish ancient historical land,but falling and   coming of other nations and language to this plateau,like Arab Baluch,persian,kurd.Lor and so on,lived besides turkish.Turkish separated in Azerbaijan,Turkmenistan,Qashqay,Khalaj,Khorasan turkish and much more isolated turkish land.Without standing to turkish land of iran plateau,calling turkish land of whole land  is impossible.So we we can count turkish in 4 parts:South Azerbaijan,South Turkmenistan,Qashqay and Khorasan turkish.

Over 70% of non-Persian population of so called Iran is deprived of their basic human rights by Persian terrorist regime. With the exception of Persian language, all other languages are banned and their territories occupied.

Lbx (20)Non-Persian peoples of so called Iran such as Arabs, Beluchs, Turkmens, Kurds, Lors, and South Azerbaijani Turks are living under constant terror organs of so called Islamic regime. Iranian Islamic revolutionary Guards (Pasdaran) which is a world known and recognized terrorist organization is the regime’s tool of plundering non-Persian peoples’ resources, and using them in spreading terror around the world.

South Azerbaijan land formed of 7 provinces and 2 areas in so called iran :

Ardebil province

East Azerbaijan province

West Azerbaijan province

Zangan province

Gazvin province

Hamedan province

Centeral or Saveh province

Astara area

Anzali area

Gorveh city(which given to kurd province)

Songor city(which given to kurd province)

Bijar city(which given to kurd province)

These 3 cities also belong to South Azerbaijan land.

South Azerbaijan is divided again

Depriving from national and human rights,humiliating of national identity and get distance from identity is the end of wiping out policy,and also any belonging are despolled by iranian -persian facsist regime.Pahlavi regime deforced the power by changing Gajar government and started to promulgated the persian  as official language and forbid non-persian,especially Turkish language in order to persianalize the nation, new iran-persian nation policy was based and done strongly.In addition the regime continued fragmenting of South Azerbaijan land to new provinces and new exotic and non-turkish in stead of Azerbaijani names in order to create false identity for new generation and South Azerbaijan generally.A few exampels for more information 




















Araz–Aras….and so many changing Turkish names of places and  Turkish nomination forbiding are policy of asimilating and deprivating the Turkish identity.

South Azerbaijan and territory:


Oğuz tv South Azerbaijan 120According to wikipedia information,South Azerbaijan land(exept Tehran)is 177039km’2.Hamshahri online(regime’s newspaper)information(can be read these in this link:http://hamshahrionline.ir/news-19313.aspx)says 188951km’2 exept Tehran.If we add Tehran,the territory will be 190020km’2,and Hamshahri shows 205765km’2 totalt.

(East Az=45.650km2)-(West Az=37.411km2)-(Centeral province=29.127km2)-(Zangan pro=21.773km2)-(Hamedan pro=19.368km2)-(Ardebil pro=17800km2).(Gazvin pro=15.567km2)=186700km2 totalt +(Tehran=12.981km2).(Alborz or Karaj pro=5-833km2)-(Gom pro=11.526km2)-(Astara and Anzali=5.000km2)-(Bijar and Gorveh=5.000km2)total ==227.036km2.

South Azerbaijan is 250 equal bigger than Singapur,230 than Bahreyn,19 than Qatar,10 than Kuwait,9 than Estonia,8 than Israel,7.5 than Macedonia,7 than Albania,7 than Slovakia,6 than Armenia,5 than Belgium,4 than Swiss,4 than Netherland,3 than Georgia,2 than North Azerbaijan,2 than Emirates,1.5 than Greece.In other word,South Azerbaijan is bigger than 180 countries in territory and poulation between 235 countries in the world 

South Azerbaijan owner:Oil,gold,copper,aluminium,coal,gips,porcelain,marble and tens of other underground rich mines.[more details2]

Nationality and Language:

Occupier regime has kept us far from our identity and made false and believable identity.Fascist regime named(is continuing) us Azeri in nationality and language as a branch of Pahlavi of which is also a branch of persian language by so many his agencies like Kasravi,as like the above North Azerbaijan was exposured by Russian in Soviet union to wipe out real identity of Turkish,like naming them:Tatar,Qafqaz,Azeri.In addition persian and soviet union as occupier regimes, in their education and propaganda systems,in writing,in stories,in cultural impression show us as excutioner,wild and trespasser to create detestating in our people against Turkish identity believement.Because of the above policy,and anti-turk propaganda,many compatriots forgot their identity and refuse to accept themselves as a Turkish and prefer to present himself in names which given by persian and Russian.

So we have many who know themselves Azeri and with false given names and deny their Turkish identity.There upon that policy,our people think that Turkish is the same with Turkey,but it is not correct.Having a Turkish identity does not mean that you belong to Turkey,while there are Turkish people(in Turkey),but are not turkish trible or pedigree.

Those are diffrent terms that must be prepended.Apart from Turkey, there are Kazakistan,Kirkizestan,Ozbekistan,Turkimenistan,Azerbaijan and other Turkish language countries that called Kazakistan turkish,Kirkizestan turkish,Ozbekistan turkish,Tova,Qimiq,Bulgarian turkish and so on.Also our people is turkish who live in a geography named Azerbaijan.therefore calling them Azerbaijani turkish is true,correct and scientific presentation.

The result of geography and policy division between Turkish lands has influenced and created different dialects and idioms in Turkish language world.It means that there are so many Turkish dialects between Northwest of China and Balkan countries because of extension.For
example:Uygur,Kazak and Kirkiz dialects are closed with each other as well as Azerbaijan,Turkey and Kerkuk.

As said the more distance,the more dialects and idioms in turkish language.So our language is the same (turkish language)but different that somebody call Azeri,Azerbaijani language,Azeri turkish.

As we have Kazak,Uygur,Kirkiz,Ozbek,Turkmen,Turkey turkish,also our language is called azerbaijani turkish. “Azeri” word which is used by anti-turk consciously for our people and language in iran or Turkey or other lands is wrong and mistake.Those language are turkish and come from same turkish root and pedigree.


Population:35 million South Azerbaijani turk and 50 million integrated Azerbaijani turk

iran map OğuzTviran occupier regime has hiden the real statistic because of persian minority against non-persian majority and wanted to show persian as majority in so called iran geography.Although we describe more about this ,but somebody as intellectuel know turkish 1/4 or maximum 1/3 in so called iran.In addition these intellectuels dicuss and defend minority’s rights anytime.iranian regime’s education minister confessed that 70% of population are non-persianwho live in his country.There is also 30 million South azerbaijani according to UN(united nations).we believe in 35 million .In 1993-1997,according to not only iranian regime but also international searching institute(entology.com)said that Azerbaijani turkish were 1.5 million more persians.If we add the other turkish people who live in so called iran geography,it will be clear that turkish are half or more than half population of iran.In 2012, iranian foreign minister,Ali akbar salehi said that there were 40%turkish who exist in iran.If one of iran regime’s official gives this population statistics,it will be sured that turkish population is much more without debt.Regime showed majority by regime’s sources and it means turkish is more than we estimate.The exact statistics is different until getting a neutral and right statistics.Anyway,according to the above documents,turkish population is more than persian,so calling the south azerbaijani turkish minority is not correct and it must be discussed.



South Azerbaijan and political status in last 80 years. 

Oğuz tv South Azerbaijan 147One of the first issues discussed in the League of Nations (LN), and then UN was the issue of South Azerbaijan. Even though Iranian Islamist Terrorist regime wouldn’t acknowledge overtly, at the heart of the world’s politics, South Azerbaijan is still able to effect and or change the region’s and world’s statues quo. South Azerbaijan is able and intends to change the artificial borders of so called Iran, creating an independent, modern, and democratic nation state.

South Azerbaijani Turks ruled their own and neighbouring nations for thousands of years. Their just governance over Persians, Armenians, Georgians, Arabs, Indians, Kurds and other peoples of the region is embedded and told in the literature and culture of the region. As long as history can remember, under South Azerbaijani Turks all people were equal and treated as such. Their religion, culture, language, traditions, and integrity were respected and in most cases promoted. There is no single case of forcible assimilation to any language or religion in the region ruled by South Azerbaijani Turks. Christians, Jews, and Muslims, lived side by side under Gaznavids, Saljuks, Safavids, Afshars, Qajars, and many other Turkish empires, regional, or local governments for thousands of years. Under South Azerbaijani rules no language banned. All languages were protected and promoted. This was the norm for millenniums in the region up until 1920s.  

Colonial powers of the time preferred to eliminate Turkish rules over the area now called Iran, bringing to power some illiterate Persian mad man called Reza Pahlavi.This brought to en end the great Turkish Qajar empire. Unfortunately after the collapse of Qajar empire in 1923 and instalment of Reza Pahlavi by foreign powers to the crown, the situation changed drastically. A very tolerant Qajar system gave way to a despotic, narrow minded, racist regime with the fever of Aryan melancholy. Reza Pahlavi who was uneducated and illiterate himself, hired many intellectuals to fabricate “a one language, one religion” country of so called Iran. Reza Pahlavi and his son Mohammad Reza Pahlavi were successful in creating such a country with the blessing of major world powers, billions of dollars of revenues from oil, and of course with the fear created by major massacres of thousands of South Azerbaijani Turks in the course of 57 years of Pahlavi rule. Under Reza Pahlavi’s Iran, everybody was considered of a pure Aryan race and anybody claimed otherwise would be branded as  remnants of previous invaders to the glorious land of Cyrus The Great! Many paid foreign and domestic orientalists, many paid learned university professors, and so called intellectuals were in accord with the Persification of Iran. Every so called branded Iranian was considered direct descendent of great and glorious kings of supposedly pre-Islamic times. Of course oil dollars would buy or suppress any conscious person in the world. But when Reza Pahlavi went too far, and his regime was aligning with Aryan Nazis of Germany, he was deposed and exiled by the same powers who brought him to power and died in misery in Durban, South Africa.


South AzerbaijanDuring the Constitutional Revolution (1905-1911) Southern Azerbaijan played a key political role, as the starting point of the revolution occurred in Tabriz, capital of Southern Azerbaijan. During the First World War the Gajar dynasty remained in power in Tabriz, and the city became one of the most powerful in Iran, holding the seat of the crown prince. In 1920 the Pro-democracy revolution under Sheykh Muhammed Khyabbani also begun in Tabriz and Southern Azerbaijan gained independence for six months. However, this short lived independence was put to an end by battles between the Soviet Union and Iran and resulted in the killing of tens of thousands of Azerbaijani Turks.

In 1925 when the Gajar state collapsed Southern Azerbaijan was annexed to Iran and there was a massive move of non-Azerbaijanis to the cities of Gazvin and Hamadan where more than a half of the population are now of Azerbaijani descent.

The Azerbaijan People’s Republic

308783_169186993174184_1148149732_nOffice of the Government of South Azerbaijan
Office Building of the Government of South Azerbaijan in Tabriz. 1945-1946
1945 witnessed South Azerbaijanis creating their own state again, an state with full human rights record, and full compatibility with the world’s democratic and modern countries of even present time. Women were free to vote and be voted. Education in the mother tongue of South Azerbaijani Turkish were free to everyone. Attempts were made to construct roads, bridges and buildings after over twenty years of Pahlavi destruction of South Azerbaijan. After one year of construction and rejuvenation of South Azerbaijan, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi who was installed in Tehran as a king of the kings, decided to invade South Azerbaijan. The Iranian regime with the green light from Soviet’s Stalin and blessings of the world’s power invaded South Azerbaijan.

Based on independent eye witnesses thousands and thousands of innocent people were massacred. Farm lands were burned, people’s houses were plundered, women were raped, and men were killed. Persian army knew no limit in barbarism committed in South Azerbaijan. In 1946, the world watched the Persian army rape South Azerbaijan.
Remembering Short-lived Government of South Azerbaijan, 1945-1946,Persian army had free hand in creating the state of horror in cities and villages of our motherland. For over 10 years Shah’s army and secret services prosecuted South Azerbaijani Turks at will. Kidnappings, exiling, tortures, and killings were common tools of oppression Persian regime applied on our people. Estimated 35,000 people were killed in first few weeks of the occupation. Following days, months and years were worse. Thousand of children, women and elderly died on the way to exile to southern deserts of Iran. Only after his majesty were satisfied with the complete suppression of South Azerbaijani movement, he issued a declaration of public amnesty. The state of fear and oppression continued until 1979 revolution which ousted Pahlavi regime and replaced it with a theocratic terrorist regime of mollas. The so called revolution of 1979 were aborted by abrupt coming to power of mollas.
Only the administration changed, leaving the system intact. All projects of assimilation, depopulation, de-Turkisation, and destruction of South Azerbaijan were followed by Islamic regime. Oppressions were increased, population doubled, and poverty is hundred time worse than before. South Azerbaijan was further disassembled, and name of Azerbaijan was taken from many areas with the pretext of creating new provinces. Names of cities, rivers, roads, mountains, and people were changed by force to some meaningless Persian names. Iranian terrorist regime’s pursue of nuclear arsenal only will be used as a deterrence for world community not to question the atrocities committed by them inside the prison called Iran. Islamic regimes extended fist of terror, and barbaric shout of “ death to America, death to Israel, death to England” should not be seen as the attitude of so called “Iranians”.


On May 22nd 2006

Güney AzərbaycanOn May 22nd 2006 South Azerbaijani people poured to the streets in millions protesting Iranian official newspaper “Iran’s” recent insults on Turks, calling them cockroaches and demanding basic human rights in their own lands, but terrorist regime’s response was killing almost one hundred, injuring over four hundred and arresting over fifteen thousand of innocent and defenceless people. At the present time over one hundred South Azerbaijani right activists are under torture in the so called Islamic Iran. Persian chauvinist and terrorist regime is continuing unlawful, illegal, and random arrests of South Azerbaijani right activists.

Azerbaijan Todey
Oğuz tv South Azerbaijan 125We ask the world community to distinguish the facts of political and ethnological diversity in so called Iran. Let it be known that South Azerbaijani Turks don’t share any of this terrorist regimes political views. Let the world know that we have only one enemy and that is “Islamic Republic of Iran”. Our enemy don’t reside very far from us. They are our motherland’s invaders. Persian racism, Persian despotism is our enemy. We will live and fight forever to defeat Persian racism, and end Iranian occupation of South Azerbaijan.

Now, after over 80 years of losing her sovereignty, South Azerbaijan is still under foreign occupation. South Azerbaijani Turk is deprived of his/her basic human and national rights such as education in own language, work, and live in own land with own culture. South Azerbaijan needs attention of all freedom loving people in the world. South Azerbaijani Turks need all democratic non-governmental organizations and governments to hear our cry of independence, freedom and democracy. 



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