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South Azerbaijani inventor wins International Innovation Gold medal

Oguz TV: South Azerbaijani inventor Mehdi Bashiri wins International Innovation Gold medal in Swiss for his innovation in Dentistry field.

In his interview with Oguz TV, Bashiri told “I have been working very hard to built this Toothbrush and it took me roughly 2 years to work on this project. My next goal is to earn Nobel prize.”
“I did my first invention before studying dentistry. I consulted with a dentist when I had my first innovation and what he told me about that innovation has changed my life. I learned that everything around me can be an inspiration. I wanted to change the toothbrush and that’s the reason that I invented this new toothbrush” Bashiri told Oguz TV.

“The obstacles and difficulties that I have faced while working on this project didn’t change my mind and it won’t change from now on. I believe that one day I’ll invent something to shake the world. I have 18 innovation and they are not just related to dentistry.” Bashiri added.
Bashiri is originally from South Azerbaijan’s Urmia city and has studied dentistry at Istanbul Aydin University. He currently resides in Hungary.

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